• Through our merchant division, we hold a range of high grade speciality papers made from some of the leading global paper producers. So, when you need something that is different, something that stands out from the day-to-day, we can provide a variety of options for you.

  • Cocktail

    Fabriano Cocktail is a fabulous range of tinted papers with a pearlescent finish.

    Available in a vivid range of twelve colours in two weights, 120gsm and 290gsm, Cocktail is the ideal choice when you want produce something that is simply stunning.


  • Pergamon

    Pergamon is a wonderful and wide range of translucent papers that is available in five shades: White, Ice, Ivory, Extra White and Premium White.

    It is made in a number of weights to suit different applications, such as in high-end publications to create dividers or highlight over-typed information against a solid background.


  • Fabriano Smooth White

    The ideal solution for a brilliant white, prestigious matching paper and board.

    Available in an extensive range of weights, Fabriano Smooth White is an ideal for the corporate sector - stationery, report and accounts, product brochures and cards


  • Fixter

    A range of high quality self-adhesive papers which will help you to get your message to stick!

    It is sourced from one of the leading label manufacturers in Europe. Produced from FSC certified pulp sources, this provides a guarantee that the raw materials used to make this product come from renewable and sustainable sources. In addition, Fixter is supplied as Carbon Balanced.


  • Colorit

    Colorit is an exciting range of 30 uncoated tinted papers and boards, available from 80 to 225gsm and in both cut size and folio options.

    Its end uses are varied from envelopes through to spectacular direct mail projects and magazine inserts.


  • Innovation Digital

    Innovation Digital provides the ultimate in a brilliant white (CIE171) smooth, uncoated paper.

    HP Indigo certified, Innovation Digital is also suitable for use on most dry toner based colour laser presses, producing outstanding results without the need for additional surface applications.


  • Innovation Premium

    Innovation Premium provides the ultimate in a brilliant white (CIE171) smooth, uncoated paper.

    Developed for use on a range of modern printing presses, Innovation Premium is made from locally sourced FSC certified birch wood pulp, and it is supplied through Denmaur as a Carbon Balanced product.



    Use our interactive online chart to explore our comprehensive range of paper types.