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  • At the very start of every job there is a sample, a sheet of paper that helps every project begin.

    How will it look in...

    a different paper weight or paper type?

    a reduced or a wider trim size?

    a different combination of papers for texts, covers and inserts?

  • Our samples department provides a range of services designed to help you, and your customer, make the best decision for the project in hand.

    flat sheet samples from A4 to SRA2

    printed samples

    product swatches

    dummy mock-ups

    This is the opportunity for the client to see and feel what their job will look like, before it begins.

    Incidentally, did you already have a paper grade in mind?

    We may be able to offer that product whilst bringing other viable solutions to your attention.

    We always aim to have a sample, swatch or dummy request delivered by the next working day.





    Paper Management is at the heart of what we do - a continuous service that provides added value at no additional cost.


    We provide customers with a Paper Health Check analysis, suggesting viable alternatives that can influence the cost and environmental profile of their publications.


    Mapping and maintaining sustainable supply chains has become an essential function for companies and organisations...