• Reel Fast

  • Welcome to Reel Fast, the on-demand express sheeting service offered by Denmaur for paper, board and trade conversion.

  • It allows customers in the commercial print, publishing and packaging sectors to order specific paper and board sheet sizes from our wide range of UK-based cutter reel stocks.

    With an efficient five-day turnaround and express delivery service on request, Reel Fast can help your business reduce costs.

    It also helps minimise product waste and transportation weight, further cutting the carbon emissions of your printed media or packaging.

    Whether you're looking for a carton board for a packaging product or a sustainable paper for your printed media, we can help.

    Introducing our latest ReelFast product

  • Mill guarantee retained

  • FSC® Certified & Carbon Balanced status retained

  • Packaged to mill quality

  • Bespoke labelling

  • Maximum sheet size: 1850 x 2200mm

  • Minimum sheet size: 300 x 310mm

  • GT4 (guillotined edges) available on request

  • Specific pallet height available on request

  • Direct feed pallets available on request

  • Flexi pallets available on request

  • Delivery within 5 days of order

    Express delivery available on request

  • Storage and call off available on request

  • Examples

  • 13.3%

    paper saving over a 640 x 900mm size

  • 18.8%

    paper saving over a 450 x 640mm size

  • Pasaban 1850 Sheeter

    Min/Max Width Min/Max Length g/m² range
    300/1850mm 300/2200mm 40-600
  • Pasaban 1750 Sheeter

    Min/Max Width Min/Max Length g/m² range
    320/1750mm 400/1600mm 200-600
  • Pasaban 1600 Sheeter

    Min/Max Width Min/Max Length g/m² range
    320/1560mm 320/1600mm 45-600
  • Pasaban 2450 Rewinder

    Min/Max Width No. of Slits g/m² range
    100/2450mm 8 34-325

    All converted paper waste is automatically collected and compacted into secure containers, which are then collected for recycling back into paper and board products

    A Wide Range Of Paper And Carton Board

    Whatever papers or boards your company needs, our state-of-the-art conversion facility in the West Midlands has got you covered.

    Reel Fast cutter stocks allow us to provide our customers with more suitable, customised sheet sizes as an alternative to the off-the-shelf standard.

    That covers everything from our flagship Amadeus Silk grade right through to high-quality folding box boards.

    We are proud to say the Reel Fast facility is certified to FSC, PEFC, ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

    These labels, renowned today as benchmarks of sustainability, combined with an optimum sheet size for print and conversion, make for a truly green product.

    A Dedicated, Comprehensive Service

    Our dedicated, comprehensive paper and board service aims to make every customer who comes to us 100% happy with their order.

    That's because we ensure the mill guarantee is retained, while all Reel Fast products are packaged to mill quality, with bespoke labelling as part of each order.

    When it comes to the length of reels, the minimum sheet length is 300 x 310mm, while the maximum paper sheet length is 1850 x 2200 mm.

    GT4 guillotined edges are available on request, and customers can also request a specific pallet height for their paper order, as well as direct feed or flexi pallets.

    Produced from highly sustainable and certified brands, our customised paper and board products are supplied within five days of an order request, compared to the average four to six-week lead times that mills offer.

    Need express delivery, storage or call off services? Send our team your request and they will get it done.

    Contact us

    Want to place a product order, or talk about a specific reel length? No problem.

    Email our team at reelfast@denmaur.com today and they will get back to you straight away.