• Ecofoil


    An exciting new range of sustainable metallized paper and board products developed for digital print production, with all of the creative benefits of a metallized polyester but with very important differences ...

    It is a certified plastic free product
    It is 100% recyclable

  • A foil board substrate rather than a selective foil embellishment (like hot foil or digital foil), so there are absolutely no limitations in the amount, size, complexity or number of foil colours that can be created at the same time.

    The first foil-board material to be approved for dry toner, inkjet and HP digital presses (certification procedure in process).

  • Proven to run at commercial speeds with no build-up of static delivering significantly higher gloss levels comparable to metallic inks or metallic substrates.

    Allows in-line foil embellishment with existing digital press without the need for any additional capex investment.

    Enables multiple finishes in one pass, one click.

  • Sustainability



    Ecofoil Digital is 100% recyclable at its end-of-life stage.

    An extremely fine layer of metallization (approx. 0.02 microns), equating to less than 1% of the overall finished product, is completely and safely extracted during the de-inking phase of the paper/board recycling process.

    This has been independently verified by recognized industry authorities such as Smithers Pira (Ref: S.008909, 2016).

    Ecofoil Digital's substrate materials can be recycled between 6 – 8 times into new paper and board products. Thereafter, paper fibre has commercial uses in agricultural and horticultural products.


    Sustainable Substrates

    Ecofoil Digital is applied to sustainably certified paper and board materials which are completely verifiable and traceable, and the production of these substrates are audited via internationally recognised management systems for environmental, quality and health and safety standards.


    Carbon Balanced

    Ecofoil Digital's substrate materials are Carbon Balanced (offset) via the World Land Trust.

    This means the carbon emissions associated with the production of Ecofoil's substrate materials have been measured and offset via the World Land Trust's REDD+ scheme. This scheme enables increased rates of atmospheric carbon absorption and it also conserves and protects an official area of High Conservation Value that is the home for a number of endangered wildlife species.

    Ecofoil Digital products can carry the official Carbon Balanced Paper logo, and customers also qualify for an official World Land Trust certificate to endorse the amount of carbon that has been saved through their use of Ecofoil Digital (www.carbonbalancedpaper.com).


    Plastic Free

    Ecofoil Digital products are manufactured without a PET top layer and have been certified as plastic free by A Plastic Planet (www.aplasticplanet.com).

  • Ecofoil Digital delivers multiple finishes in one pass, one click!

  • The Range

  • Bespoke

    Ecofoil bespoke is a unique and tailored service that allows our customers to design the exact specification of their Ecofoil metallised foil board material.

    Some examples of the choices available within our bespoke service:

    Substrate coating - silk, gloss, matt or uncoated.

    Substrate material - GC1, GC2, SBS, coated graphic, uncoated or self-adhesive (others are available upon request).

    Substrate weight and thickness - 130gsm / 100mic up to 450gsm / 600mic (under certain circumstances this can be increased to 790mic).

    Substrate size - SRA3 up to B1.

    Ecofoil layer - silver, gold or holographic.

    Ecofoil coverage – from 10% up to 100%.

    Surface texture - plain, linen, leather, canvas (the entire range of 11 textures is available upon request).

    Intended overprint process - litho (conventional and UV), dry toner digital, HP digital, UV and inkjet.

    Ecofoil bespoke offers a level of service of choice not available anywhere else on the global foil board market.

  • Contact

    Ecofoil Digital is exclusively stocked by Denmaur Paper Media

    For further information, please contact us on ecofoil@denmaur.com or telephone 01530 275500