• The company is committed to the PEFC Chain of Custody standard. Forest Management schemes ensure that wood fibre used for paper production has been sourced is from well managed forestry, certified to standards that uphold specific social, environmental and economic criteria.

    FSC® and PEFC are by far the best known and largest of the forest management schemes that have contributed significantly to the growth of commercial forestry in recent years. Using the chain of custody process, both schemes enable paper products to be traced back (through each stage of distribution, storage and manufacture) to the certified forestry source from which they are made. The FSC and PEFC logos are used on publications to endorse the papers' sustainability credentials to the outside world.


    Furthermore, it is now a requirement of both schemes to provide access to information relating to the tree species and country of origin of certified wood fibre, and this is to ensure compliance with legislation such as the EU Timber Regulations (2013) which prohibits the use of illegally logged timber and timber content in timber derived products, such as paper.

    As part of our services, sustainability reporting includes:

    FSC® and PEFC statements to assist with your audits if you're already certified. Otherwise we can help you with the process of becoming certified.

    Tree species and country of origin statements

    Due diligence statements to support your own EU Timber Regulations and Modern Slavery Act compliance.