• Paper, and its use in print, is not harmful to the environment!

    Paper is made from trees, a natural and renewable resource that absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide - the absorbed carbon element of which, is retained in timber and timber derived products ... including paper!

    Paper is not the primary cause of deforestation.

    In fact you'll find that paper accounts for less than 14% of the worlds harvested timber.

    Most of the virgin fibre paper products we use are made from certified sustainably managed forests, such as FSC and PEFC. Responsible timber and paper production ensures healthy and growing forestry.

  • Between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by 58,390km². That's an area bigger than Switzerland

    FAO, 2005-2020

  • Total area of forestry: FSC certified

    213,544,414 ha

    FSC, NOV 2022

  • Total area of forestry: PEFC certified

    304,201,947 ha

    FSC, NOV 2017

  • Paper and print is one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gasses, acounting for 0.8% of global GHG emissions.

    EEA, AEUGGI, 2020

  • The CO2 emissions of the European pulp and paper industry reduced by 48% per tonne of product between 1990 and 2019.

    CEPI, 2020

  • Recycled Paper Facts in Numbers

  • Paper fibre can be recycled between...

  • 6 to 8


  • 12.5

    million tonnes

  • ...of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK

  • The European recycling rate for paper reached...

  • 74%

    in 2014

  • 56%

    of paper fibre

  • ...used by European producers came from recycled paper in 2015

  • Using old paper, instead of trees, to make new paper uses...

  • 30-50%

    less energy