What Can Your Paper Supplier Do for You

    As the cost of living crisis bites and business faces rising prices, we examine the importance of strong relationships and making them work for you

    Just about every business in the country is feeling the effects of the global rise in the costs of energy and materials, and when times are tough, who do we turn to for support?

    Relationships in business may not be all hearts and flowers, but they're absolutely crucial for some companies looking to navigate the current tricky economic and geopolitical climate.

    At Denmaur, we pride ourselves on having forged deep and long-lasting connections both within the paper industry that we use to benefit and support all our customers.

    We believe these robust relationships are invaluable at times like these, when uncertainty and unpredictability rear their heads in the business world.

    A trusted partner with long-term connections

    The connections we've made over the many years we've been in business mean we're able to help clients find their way through a wide range of headwinds.

    We can use our long-term relationships to secure alternative pathways for paper supply and ensure our customers have the greatest breadth of choice in a shrinking and sometimes uncertain landscape.

    Taking control of your paper


    It's easy to think sticking with the same old same old is a safe option, but is clinging to your current paper supplier reality the best way forward?

    Would you take advice from an experienced, trusted partner who has your businesses best interests in mind?

    Paper makes up approximately 70% of the cost of a printed product, and if you don't have independent control of your paper supply chain, it could leave you wondering whether you're getting the most value from this important material.

    Our managed supply service not only helps control your paper costs for

    ● budgeting analysis

    ● pagination and print run amendments

    ● changing paper stocks, or even changing printer

    It also gives our customers access to a wide variety of traditional and innovative paper options, taking them in directions they perhaps hadn't previously considered, opening up potential new revenue streams.

    Timely analysis and advice

    We're on hand to offer an honest assessment and our customers are happy to put their faith in our expertise to help guide them in a different, and sometimes better direction.

    Our regular paper health check includes suggesting viable paper alternatives that could enhance customers' environmental profiles and possibly even reduce costs.

    Backed by official quotes, samples and dummies, our service enables customers to choose the right paper grade for their every requirement, whether they're looking to upgrade, economise or remain where they are in terms of their current paper stock.

    Boost your business' green credentials

    Working with us to buy paper directly means businesses can also benefit from a host of environmental credentials, from forestry certification to carbon balancing, boosting the eco-friendly profile of any printed product.

    We can also provide logos and statements for display on a printed product, as well as data and certificates supporting and validating a business' environmental, sustainability and CSR programmes.

    In it for the long haul

    Any entrepreneur or company trying to stay one step ahead in the current tough environment may have its work cut out. We can draw on our extensive experience to help you survive and thrive.

    Our expert team will do all they can to maximise your paper supply, providing you with high-quality samples and dummies that will make your latest project shine, and offering innovative ways to ensure you stay in control.

    Contact us

    We'll aim to build a long-lasting relationship that will see your bottom line boosted as your business benefits from our expertise.

    Drop our team a line today on 01795 426775 or email us at info@denmaur.com and we'll do all we can to meet your every paper need.