• Sourcing Your Own Paper

    MediaSourcing Your Own Paper

  • Benefits

    There are a number of benefits and opportunities that can be gained through the direct purchase of your own paper stock.

  • Financial Benefits

    mill direct paper costs

    pay for the paper that you need, factoring in your residual stock

    reclaim the cost of over used paper

    enjoy favourable credit terms

    take immediate advantage of market price movements


    Control and Consistency

    Paper is a significant cost of the total print production, and so buying paper separately, through a managed supply service, provides you the ability to control this cost for:

    budgeting analysis

    making significant savings

    pagination and print run amendments

    changing paper stocks, or even changing printer

    Your paper deal remains in place if you decide to switch printer. Recent history shows that sometimes this can be forced upon you - even when you're not expecting it!



    Explore all of the traditional and innovative paper options from a global market offering.

    We provide a free 24 hour samples and dummies service that provides you with an instant look and feel of what your product could be if the paper was bulkier, lighter, heavier, brighter, coated, uncoated, recycled, glossier, earthier ......... and so on.


    Key Performance Indicators

    Paper is very measureable in many different ways.

    Not only can it be measured in terms of its dimensions, weight and cost, it can also be measured by:

    its carbon footprint - essential for your sustainability and offsetting programmes

    its performance on press - alerting you to residual stock you own and over usage that you can claim back

    its weight as a finished product - necessary for the management of logistics and postal costs

    Our free paper management service can provide all of this information for each and every print run.


    Environmental Credentials

    Paper is made from a natural and renewable resource, and as product is recyclable many times over.

    Buying paper directly allows you to benefit from a host of environmental credentials, such as forestry certification and carbon balancing, reducing the environmental impacts of your printed product.

    We provide logos and statements that can be portrayed on your printed product, as well as data and certificates that will support and validate your environmental, sustainability and CSR programmes.


    Risk Assessments

    Paper is compliant with respect to a host of legal and regularity requirements - including the Modern Slavery Act, EU Timber Regulations, REACH, conflict minerals, heavy metals and animal testing.

    Furthermore, paper offers complete supply chain transparency. Paper pulp can be traced back to its tree species and country of harvest, or from post-consumer waste sources if it's recycled.